Indonesia m2 money supply rises 15 pct yy in feb

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JAKARTA, April 12 Indonesia's February broad money supply (M2), an indicator of inflation, grew 15 percent from a year ago, compared to 14.4 percent in January, Bank Indonesia data showed on Friday. Following is a table of the latest Indonesian money supply figures in trillions of rupiah, according to Bank Indonesia's website:

Feb 2012 Jan 2013 Feb 2013 M2 (broad money) 2,849.8 3,265.9 3,277.4 M1 (narrow money) 683.2 787.9 786.6 Rupiah demand deposits 403.2 461.0 465.1 Quasi money2,150.8 2,467.1 2,479.9 March's annual inflation surged to a nearly two-year high at 5.9 percent due to volatile foods, compared to 5.3 percent a month earlier. Core inflation, which excludes administered prices and volatile foods, eased to 4.21 percent from the previous month. Bank Indonesia on Thursday kept its benchmark rate at a record low 5.75 percent, as forecast, despite concerns over inflation expectation. The central bank said it will stay vigilant on some inflationary pressure risks and will adjust its monetary policy response accordingly.